My name is Alex Ojeda. I am a Courageous, Loving, Compassionate Leader and I am Velocity 11.    As an educator and advocate for underrepresented populations, I see endless possibilities. I see many of my students completing the Connections Course and realizing dreams that they never thought possible. I would recommend the Connections Course to everyone and anyone. 

My very good friend Maxine had talked to me about the Freedom training for several weeks and I always told myself that I didn’t have time. But once I saw what Freedom did for Maxine, and because I trusted her so much, I decided to say “yes” to the opportunity and the rest was history after that. 

After completing the Freedom Course, I felt a great sense of liberation.  Shortly after completing the Life Design Course, I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know exactly how to do it.  Velocity was just…wow. I needed to go through Velocity for so many reasons. Freedom and Life Design provided the tools I needed to achieve my goals but Velocity provided the blueprint.

In completing the entire Connections Course, I said to myself, “Now I get it.” Now I understand why so many people live their lives in mediocrity and die without realizing their dreams and potential.

Alex Ojeda

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