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Raquel Hernandez-Meyer is a Transformational Trainer, Life Mastery Consultant and Passion Test Facilitator.


Raquel’s passion is to empower women and men to discover their deepest yearnings and connect with the essence of who they authentically are so that they not only follow their heart, but lead with it. 

Raquel was born in Mexico City and  raised in South Los Angeles since the age of one.   She understands by experience what  it  is like to be an immigrant, learning a second language, and living in an under-served community.

Having lived in a community where statistically teenagers and young adults are likely to end up in gangs and involved in criminal activities, Raquel excelled scholastically and was a woman of character in the community.  At age 27, she co-founded a business that she managed as Vice President and CFO for 15 years, furthermore by the age of 30 she became a homeowner in the influential Westside of Los Angeles. 

Raquel never forgets her upbringing and believes whole heartedly that greatness exist in EVERY person.  She simply wants to extend an opportunity for people to be the best person they know how to be by empowering them and providing resources for them  to lead a fulfilled life with their family and in contribution to their community.

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